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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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in tho Opera, I hav«» found it a- must duar UMil0rt.nkintf ! I wa« nui iu (ho mBiinxfmtmt : Lord Middi«**t>x W&H rhinf, Wo wuro thirty HuhrtrrUwrH, lit two hundred pound* »»«rh, which wan to la«t four y»*arj», mid no utluT d»«nu»nd« «»vi»r to htt imuli*. luHtfiul uf thiit, wn httvt* I«H»U math* t*» puy tifty-nix pound* uv««r and H!M»V« tlut MitUrn'riptiuii in tm« wiut«'r. 1 fuld tin* HiHTi'tury in a pmtHtun, thnt it ws« th« liwt su«»fu*y 1 wouM t'Yft' pay fur th«< f»dli»«H uf dinn-turn.
I tr(«JuUh» at luntrin^ that Uu» plaguti is imt uvur, tit* wn thuught, hut wtill «piviulitiK, Yun will JMHI in tho pu|M«r.i llmt Ltirtl Hi-rvt»y In d*'iul hirkily, t think, for hitnmtlf ; fitr hu hud uutlivod hin ltw»t im*h uf rhtkrm;lt«r. Adi*ut J
1*JK.    Tn
Jity th*ar Sir, y«m ft«r!ninly tlitl nut u«o tn !H» ntupul, fttu! till ynu give inn mum Mihutuufiul prtmf I hut you tivn Hi>, I Mhiill not Indi^vi* it. AH for your t««utp«'ntt«> <li«'t and milk hringing about «uch » uu'tanuirphtmis, I hold it iiupoHHlhlu. I lmv«* Mirlt lniui'ntnldt« proufn nvt>ry duy h^fmti my <»y<«H of tho Htupi»fyinj< nuitlitii»« of In-nf, H!«S tuid wtiin, that I lmvt» contrnrtnd a niowt r«'ligiun« vonorntion for your spiritual nourituro. Only imnginn thnt I htm» i»v»*ry day WH* nusn, who ant mount nii»H t<f rotuit lH*i*f, uud only N**MH just roughly h«wn out into tin* outltncH of hunuui furm, Uki» lht« giant- ruck tit Prutolino1! I Mhu<UK>r wh«m 1 HII« th«»m brand wh thuir knivon in act to «'arvi», und lutik u» th»»in aa savagwi that devour onu ttnothi*r. I Mhoultl not ntum nt
d. 178tt), Mwond itorfm twn«l «>f IlnUftw of th« third